Saturday, December 10, 2016

Great Gifts For Your Teacher!

Don't give your teacher the same mug and candle as everyone else this holiday season. Give them a present that is truly meaningful and affordable!

Dinner Basket- Teachers are busy with lesson planning and creating fun activities for students that they hardly have time to cook. Help them out with a basket full of quick and easy dinner supplies like this Italian Dinner.

School Supplies- Teachers always need school supplies. Find some fun ones with smiley faces and cute animal pictures to give them a smile during the day.

Basket of Gift Cards- Gift cards are great because the person can get exactly what they want, but they can feel impersonal. Luckily Pinterest has cute ways to make them personalized.

Fun Curriculum Tools- There are all sorts of cards, CDs, and kits that are helpful to teachers for lesson planning like these Yoga Cards from Leapsmart!

Fruit basket- Teachers can always use yummy and healthy snacks. Put colorful fruit in a basket. You don't have to buy a basket you can make one from a paper plate and a cute ribbon!

Personalized Gift- Get a one of a kind gift from Etsy!

What are you getting your teacher this year?!

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