Monday, November 21, 2016

What Will The New Preschool Classroom Look Like?

I explored this question about the future of preschools during my keynote speech Imagine Possibilities! at the Lutheran Schools Association Annual Conference. Here are some of my thoughts about how preschools are changing and evolving...

Reframe the role of students- The new classroom will reframe the role of students from… consumers of facts to creators of knowledge.

Reframe the role of educators- The new classroom will not focus on teachers providing content but on building skills such as empathy, flexibility, and resilience.

Breaking content boundaries- The new classroom will integrate subjects into project-based learning that mirror how students really think and perceive.

Reframe failure with a growth mindset- The new classroom will emphasize experimentation, persistence and risk taking.

Revise the classroom environment- The new classroom will utilize open-ended materials to allow for innovation and emphasize collaborative learning.

Promote inclusiveness and collaboration- The new classroom will focus on establishing a community that celebrates diversity and teaching young students collaborative skills.

Are you seeing these changes in your classroom? How are you seeing them?

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