Thursday, December 10, 2015

Holiday Movement Games for Fun and Learning!

Help your students enjoy the holidays with these games!

Twinkling Lights- Children practice moving different parts of their body to holiday music. Imagine that they are making lights shine and twinkle

Play the "Little Drummer Boy" and have children drum or march when they hear the chorus -Pa-rum-pa-pa-pum. A great ear training exercise!

Contrast quiet songs like "Silent Night" for slow dancing to excited songs like "Jingle Bells" for fast dancing. A wonderful way to practice self regulation.

Make a holiday action routine! Use your favorite holiday music. (I like the Chipmunks version of Frosty the Snowman). Then, pretend to make snow angels, march in the snow, unwrap presents, catch snowflakes. This helps children practice sequencing skills.

Make an indoor snowstorm by putting cotton balls into a parachute and shaking! Don't forget to have kids find all the snowflakes! 

Play "I Have a Little Dreidle" and children pretend to pat clay on their body and then do twisting and spinning motions. Toddlers love this game.

What holiday games do you play with your class?

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