Monday, January 11, 2016

Three of My Favorite Martin Luther King Day Activities

One of my favorite activities for this important holiday is combining the song: "We've Got The Whole World In Our Hands" with a parachute game. Describe to your students that the parachute is like the world and we all need to take care of it.
As the children sing, add the verses- We've got the mountains high, We've got the valleys low, We've got the ocean waves, We've got the storms in the sky, We've got all of our friends. 
Afterwords, discuss how they would want to help take care of the world.

We Are The Same Inside! - I found this great egg activity on Pinterest that helps children understand that, while we look different on the inside, we are the same on the inside.
Show children a brown and white egg. Ask if they think the eggs are the same or different inside. Then crack the eggs and  show them how each egg is the same inside, just like people!

"I Have A Dream" Cloud Mobile- Ask the children to describe what they would do to make the world a better place and write ideas on cloud shaped cards. Hang each dream cloud on a string.

What MLK Day activities have you done with your class in the past?

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