Friday, November 13, 2015

Five Ways To Encourage Literacy For Pre K Children

Drawn from my workshop Encouraging Literacy in the Pre K classroom, here are some of my favorite ideas! 

Symbolic Play with Props- Develop Symbolic Play by finding various ways to use a simple prop. Symbolic play is the basis for understanding story structure, themes, character and extending vocabulary.

Letter Tracing- Fill a ziplock bag with hair gel and lay it over the child's name. Have them trace the letters.

"Guess my Feeling" Game- Play Freeze Dance then when kids freeze have them freeze in various feelings. This helps develop an awareness of body language.

Wordless Books- Read wordless books to inspire conversation and imagination.

Create Songs And Gestures- Make your own songs and accompanying gestures to share your students. These teachers developed their ideas in the workshop!

How do you encourage literacy?

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