Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Want to help improve impulse control? Try a "Memory Game"

I was researching updates on an upcoming professional development workshop in NYC on "The Challenging Child" and came across an interesting connection that I wasn't aware of- the connection between short term memory and impulse control.

Research has shown that playing memory games such as the card matching game helps to "take the load off the frontal cortex" so it can better handle impulsiveness. Memory games help improve "Executive Functioning", encouraging children to think before they act.

Here is an active memory game you can play with your students in your classroom...

Action Recall!

1. Place 4-8 Action Cards or similar movement pictures on the floor face up

2. Do the actions (8 repetitions for each), in a sequence to your favorite music.

3. Turn cards face down and try to remember the sequence!

4. For an added challenge do backwards!

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