Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Empower Kids with Independence!

Imagine children in your classroom solving problems independently! I recently observed a classroom where students consult a set of picture cards that provide them with solutions to their conflicts and help them gain the tools to problem solve without the teacher. With cards such as Share, Take Turns, Get a Timer, and Say “Please stop”, children have some really positive and empowering options. Teachers then just act as a coach by helping children review these options, try them, and make a choice. Since the first time, I have been encouraging all schools to utilize this FREE online resource, The Solution Kit

Steps To Use The Solution Kit:
  • Download, Print, and Laminate Cards
  • Put one set in each area of the classroom
  • Model using the cards
  • Refer to them in moments of conflict and in connection with the situation
  • Observe how children utilize independently
For more ideas on how to help your preschool students become independent and improve social and emotional skills, contact Monica to arrange for a workshop or consultation.

(Cards available in English and Spanish) 

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