Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Encourage A Growth Mindset In Your Classroom

It's back to school and somehow you got a class full of drama, conflict, and out of control kids! 

Instead of dreading the impending chaos of the next school year, focus on each day as an opportunity to help kids develop resilience, coping skills and fun!

Focus On A "Growth Mindset"
Notice when your students solve problems and overcome obstacles. Make sure to offer alternative strategies to avoid giving up when things are hard. Above all- give kids praise for practice! 

Plan For A Positive Classroom
Kids who learn how to share compliments and focus on kindness in the classroom will know that your classroom is a safe haven. In short, embed social emotional tools into your daily routine right away.

Set Up A "Solution Kit"

Kids who learn how to solve conflicts using tools like the problem-solving kit will quickly understand that they have behavioral choices. Your class will become independent sooner.

Direct Less And Ask More
Asking more questions gives your students more exercise for their brains and helps them own the rules and expectations for classroom behavior. So replace “Be Quiet” with “How should our voices be now?”

Inspire Yourself, Daily!
Find inspiration on Pinterest, blogs, friends, and workshops. Got an issue with a student? Don’t keep it to yourself- ask your colleagues how they would solve the problem. Go to workshops that increase your skill set. Use online tools that help you organize, learn about new hands on projects that are fun for you and your students.

How do you encourage a growth mindset?

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