Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mindfulness for Preschoolers

I just got back from a conference - Educating the Heart which took place in PA. The topics included mindfulness, social-emotional development (which I presented), and resilience, among others. For a long time I have been deliberately focusing on these topics in my teaching and along with stress relief,  I can see how important these skills are for promoting physical, emotional and psychological health for children.  Here are some easy ways to include Mindfulness in your curriculum-

Who can move the slowest? Have children try to move slower than you.

How many sounds? Go outside and see how many different sounds children can hear.

Calming Snow Globes - Make your own snow globes with glitter and water, shake and imagine your mind and emotions relaxing as the water becomes still.

Learn more! Since there are a lot more ways to include Mindfulness in your curriculum I created the Wellness Wizards Classes for Children workshop.

The workshop includes activities focus on self-regulation, breathing, and the 5 senses. Using a variety of compelling visuals and props, children learn self-control, stress reduction as well as communication skills. Active Yoga based movement games encourage flexible thinking, healthy strong bodies and “magic spells” help children become positive, resilient and mindful. This class goes beyond the typical movement class to give children skills and strategies they can use throughout their lives.

How do you include Mindfulness in your classroom?

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