Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Earth Day and Spring Activities!

There is so much for children to notice and enjoy during Spring. Here are a few Spring activities your kids will love-

Planting and Growing- Create a simple song- "This is the way we dig the earth, dig the earth, dig the earth This is the way we dig the earth early in the morning".
Repeat with the added verses - Plant the seed, Water the seed, Shine the sun, Grow so slow, Bend in the breeze. Make sure to act out everything with the children moving together as they sing.
Tip-  I let kids know that the plant has roots- their feet, which keep them strong and keep the plants anchored to the earth. This keeps them from bumping into each other or falling down.

Recycling- My recycling game is a great way to practice sorting in your classroom while kids get exercise. You can sort anything but I love to start with colored scarves. Have a pile of assorted colors and similar colored hoops on the other end of the room. Then, teams of kids can pick up one scarf at a time and place it into the corresponding colored hoop. I have the kids be specific animals as they help to sort the scarves. Team Bunny can hop across the room and Team Elephant can march. 

Bunny Bounce- Place hoops throughout the room to make bunny holes and children will hop in between the hoops as the music plays. When the music stops they must find a hoop to land in. This is a great game to learn about sharing, navigating the space without bumping and practicing self regulation. Plus, it's fun! 

What Spring activities do you do with your kids? Do you celebrate Earth Day with them?

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