Friday, September 4, 2015

Classroom Management Tips

Reducing conflict and stress in your pre-K classroom

Make a poster with "Class Rules"- It's important to do this with input from your students. Have them be part of the process. Revisit and revise the rules during the school year.

Be a detective! You can recognize triggers that cause disruptive behavior. Put steps in place to eliminate these triggers. Maybe these two boys shouldn't sit together!

Group activities help kids practice skills! Play games that encourage flexibility, creative thinking and teamwork. Avoid competition based games.

Change the time and reset- Be prepared to adjust the daily schedule you have set. Shorten activities if children seem unable to focus or begin "acting out!" Re-focus attention by providing a group movement or breathing break.

Give them independence- Encourage children to come up with ideas to work out their problems instead of always doing it for them. Acknowledge their upset feelings and then discuss how to solve the problem. Some classrooms even use a pretend "court" to solve problems. Teacher's say it works!

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