Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What Kind of Learner Are You?

We all learn differently! People learn in four different ways: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. What helps me retain information is physically doing something while for someone else it's sitting and taking notes. Here is a fun quiz to find out what type of learner you are

 As a teacher, it's important to understand that not all your students will learn the same as you. That's why it's essential to collaborate with other teachers who learn differently and go beyond your comfort zone to find other ways to teach that will reach all types of learners.

In our workshops it's been is so inspiring to see teachers get up and try new ideas, collaborate and push themselves beyond their comfort zone.

In Westchester Tremont Childcare Center this teacher created a compelling tabletop math game

At ABC Cassidy's Place in NY these teachers invented an imaginative outdoor activity

At Leake and Watts these teachers re-enacted a challenging situation in their classroom and practiced ways to improve the outcome

At Cardinal McCloskey these teachers invented a modified "tug of war" activity to help children learn push/pull skills

At Leap and Grow in NJ these teachers demonstrated an active game to help children practice resiliency skills

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