Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thoughts on the "Rebecca School"

I recently visited The Rebecca School in NYC. This is a school for special needs children with an inspiring program that I have not seen in any other school.  Children greeted me with such warmth and the teachers were all so focused on conversations, activities and just hanging out with the students, it seemed more like an extended family then a school. 

I love the Floortime Model that used at the school as well as the nurturing personalized focus. The relaxed atmosphere was a huge difference from other special needs schools I have seen.

At the Rebecca School- 
  • Kids are encouraged to be independent
  • Staff interacts with the kids on a personal level and form respectful, caring relationships
  • There is a connection between the OT and PT and how the academics are taught
  • There is movement built into the program as well as music
  • Everyone seemed relaxed and involved with each other
The core of the school's success is the relationship between child and therapist/educator. I encourage everyone to learn about this wonderful program.

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