Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Pat A Cake School learns Yoga and how to deal with the Challenging Child!

Sometimes the most difficult thing about dealing with challenging behaviors in the classroom is the frustration that parents are not on board with teachers regarding the behavior. I have been listening to teachers speak about this and  they express that there is more and more blame put upon them and the school and less and less responsibility taken by the parents to help improve a child's behavior.

"Parents feel guilty about not spending enough time with their kids and let things slide." 
"Parent's want to be their kids friend and let discipline go."  
"Parents can't deal with extreme behaviors so instead of shutting down whining and tantrums, they ignore it."

This is what I hear over and over in my workshops and while teachers cannot control what happens at home, what they can do is set up structures in their classrooms to help children learn and cope with extreme behaviors.

Dorothy, the Director of the Greenwich, CT preschool- Pat a Cake, paired two workshops- Yoga for Preschoolers and The Challenging Child. Each workshop complimented the other and the teachers came away with loads of new ideas, information and activities.

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