Thursday, January 30, 2014

3 Games That Teach Math The Active Way!

From learning addition and subtraction with my Bologna Sandwich game to making a giant sized map, teaching math through movement is a sure way to gain students attention, increase excitement and improve retention. Here are 3 ways you can bring math alive in your classroom.

1. 100 Days of School
Many classrooms commemorate this day with a giant craft activity. I remember my kids gluing 100 pennies onto a board. Why not make this a movement activity that ties in with fitness. How about 100 jumping jacks, or 10 sets of 10 different aerobic moves in sequence?

2. 2D to 3D
To help students visualize a  route in their neighborhood, say from school to the park to the ice cream store,  have them make drawings and then make one a giant  3D map  in the class. Kids will enjoy walking the map and this game helps with adding: (how many steps from school to the park? How many in all?) as well as with spatial intelligence.

3. Bologna Sandwich
Using 12 round poly spots, call them your bologna sandwich and put down different amounts in a row. Then have kids count them and do movements with the same number. (10 spots=10 jumps for example). If you take away the spots students can work on subtraction as well.

What games and activities work with your students? Did you try these? How did they work?

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